Investigative Techniques Expanding to Include Computer Forensic Analysis and Digital ForensicsComputer forensics is not the only computer-related investigations we complete at . Sometimes a computer forensics specialist works alongside an investigator.

With all the social media online these days, employers are using it to find out about the people they are considering adding to their staffs. But it’s not just what can be found on the different social media platforms that are being used. E-mail and website content can be just as revealing and powerful.

We were hired by a teacher and her husband to investigate how pictures of them made it into the hands of students and subsequently the school board. She lost her job because of it and she was not quite sure how it happened.

Admittedly, she and her husband were involved in sexual liaisons with another couple – and they had taken pictures. But to their knowledge, the pictures were never available digitally.

The photos were originally uncovered on a pornographic website by a student who shared them with other students and eventually the pictures made their way to the administrators, parents and school board members.

Computer forensics investigation wasn’t going to be the only tool to help us determine how the print photos became digitally available. For this case, our investigation included a digital version of good investigative technique – tracking down layer by layer how the photos moved across the Internet. In the end, we discovered that it was the other participants who uploaded the photos online.

The computer forensics services we provided uncovered the truth, but did not result in the teacher being reinstated.

Most of the time, computer forensics analysis is uncovering information that is housed on a specific computer. In the course of our work, the analyst digs deep and computer data forensics recovery brings to light files and information that was meant to be hidden away.

Computers – and the mobile computers we call cell phones – are here to stay and computer forensics examination and cellular forensics are going to do their part to help investigators and authorities find the truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations