Apartment building on Fire at Night timeThe staff at would like to remind you of a couple of old sayings. Both are about intuition.

One of the sayings goes something like, “If you wonder if you can trust a person, you already know you can’t” and the other is, “If it feels wrong, it usually is.”

There are countless ways these sayings can apply to your career.

  • If you are an insurance provider and your client tells you that his house just suddenly burned to the ground, you might get the feeling that your client is being dishonest and you have uncovered a case of insurance fraud. There may be red flags that pop up as you discuss the incident like the house being empty while they were away for a few days or that it was just lucky that Great Aunt Harriet’s jewels were at the jewelers being cleaned and appraised.
  • What if you have an employee who files for worker’s compensation? He states that a mysterious on-the-job back injury has him too injured to work. But you hear rumors that you’re being played. Well there’s a very good chance that you are being faced with worker’s compensation fraud.

At , we take your hunches seriously. Our primary goal, in every single case we accept is simple; we find the truth, and we back it up with the hardcore evidence that proves the point.

We work with many insurance companies as insurance fraud investigators. Workers compensation fraud investigation is just one. We also look at disability insurance fraud, including long term care insurance fraud. Investigating slip and fall accidents as well as medical malpractice lawsuits and even vehicle accident investigation, they are all in our wheelhouse.

But it’s not just insurance fraud investigations that tickle clients’ intuition. Here’s a case as an example:

Soon after her partnership with her business partner went sour, Denise came to with one of those, “I can’t prove this but I think…” types of stories. Denise feared that her former business partner was somehow accessing the files on her computer and she needed to prove it. After listening to several examples of why she felt this way, our investigators explained that spyware software can be downloaded and then gathers information about a person or organization without their knowledge.

We then assured Denise that if she was indeed the victim of spyware, her personal information, such as her bank and credit account, could be accessed without her knowledge and permission. After delivering the computer to our lab, a computer forensic investigation uncovered evidence to support her hunch.

The forensic investigator used spyware detector software to process as well as data mining software to identify the spyware and the data that had been compromised. Client information and transaction details had been accessed. Denise immediately asked the computer forensic specialist to employ spyware removers to clean the spyware from her computer.

When intuition rears its head, take stock and listen. We have found that there is usually a reason. When the stakes are high or important, contact . If there is evidence to be found and truths to be revealed, we can do it!

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations