Bail Bonds SignMost, if not all of us, have experienced situations where we felt powerless. It’s not pleasant, by any means. Feeling like you have absolutely no control over a situation is difficult. But sometimes, even when we realize that we can’t change the outcome, we do occasionally identify a need and try to get that need met. Confused? Allow to share some examples about the variety of ways investigators assist our clients to get the best outcome possible:

Money and Infidelity.

Your spouse announces that he no longer loves you as a wife. He doesn’t want to be married to you anymore. And no, he isn’t cheating. He just simply wants a divorce. All people are different. You might accept that speech at face value, hire an attorney and go on to the next life chapter without another thought about this one. Or you might need to know, just for your own peace of mind, if your husband is actually telling the truth or if he is being an unfaithful husband. You might have missed the signs of a cheating spouse, but marital infidelity is shockingly common.

The other part of this scenario is that seldom are these types of pronouncements truly “sudden.” Perhaps sudden for you, but probably well thought out and planned by your spouse. Even if he isn’t having an affair, he will have had plenty of time to organize and is already hiding money in a divorce scenario. Many attorneys will automatically raise concerns over assets in divorce and request an asset investigation to find hidden assets. If yours doesn’t, you can bring it up.

Missing People. Bail Bond and Fugitive Recovery

You are new to the career and you are also the only bail bondsman in the city who agreed to work with an individual so he could avoid being in jail until his court date. But he has skipped town. No one knows where he is. You can either turn the other cheek and lose thousands of dollars while also earning yourself a reputation as a push-over among those who will need your services in the future or you can contact . We have a reputation for finding people. We help bail bondsmen in fugitive recovery by doing the legwork to find a person by conducting in-depth and extensive missing person investigations.

AWOL Witness Recovery

As the defense, all eyes are on you as you prepare for a high profile case. But suddenly, your star witness is missing in action. Turning to local law enforcement will get you only a limited amount of manpower. Turning to will get you the latest, greatest investigative and high-tech tools for finding missing persons who are doing their best to hide from you.

We use traditional methods of interviewing family and friends as well as using the highly sophisticated and comprehensive data bases and technology with social media engineering and research. We know how to locate people … and for a bondsmen under pressure, that’s money in the bank and a giant sigh of relief for attorneys with lives in their hands.

There are seldom run of the mill or routine investigations. In fact, we do sometimes encounter new situations and circumstances – and that’s when the years of experience of the investigator matters most. Locating missing people, uncovering the truth, providing facts and proof that is admissible in court. That’s what our routine is!

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations