Modern laptopLike nearly every other career across the globe, the field of private investigation has been greatly affected by technology. In most instances, those changes are all positive. Though still see cases where surveillance is necessary, we also see more and more clients with a need for our technological expertise.

We are highly skilled in the areas of digital forensics. Because we stay informed about every new step taken in the world of technology, we provide an amazing skill set for gathering information and truth. To offer you a more detailed description of how swiftly technology is changing the world, we offer the results of a social experiment conducted by a journalist named Adam Penenberg.

When he wrote an article for Forbes 14 years ago, Penenberg hired a private investigator to investigate him. He only offered the investigator his name. Within a week, the private investigator knew Penenberg’s social security number and his mother’s maiden name. He also accessed the journalist’s telephone records, banking information and stock holdings.

A few months ago, Penenberg repeated the experiment. This time, he hired an “ethical hacking team.” And with this, we remind readers that have the same skills as the hackers, plus other skills used before the days of technology. Within a week, the hackers found Penenberg’s address, flew to New York and staked out his apartment. They infiltrated his wife’s Pilates studio and managed to hack into her laptop computer by emailing a job application with malware in the attached resume. In addition, they discovered Penenberg’s password for online banking and other accounts. Remotely, the hackers managed to disarm his iphone and laptop.

Forensics consultants like can help you set up measures to prevent access from potential threats. Setting up a regular schedule of computer forensic services is a step many organizations now take, especially with mobile workers and the threats in public spaces. The reality is that cellular forensics are equally, if not more important. Cell phone spying has become commonplace and the only way to ascertain it’s presence is through cell phone hack detection completed by mobile phone forensic analysis. Cell phone surveillance is another example of unethical covert spying allowing a bad guy to keep tabs not only on your location, but on who you meet and what you discuss.

In the last 14 years, technology has evolved into an amazing level of truth-finding procedures. Add to that the research skills and our access to data bases that the general public cannot access, and it is safe to say that can and do get the answers when everyone else fails. In the search for information, especially data which can be utilized as evidence for court proceedings, keeping your personal life and business safe, we are the heavy hitters.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations