Provides Objective Evidence of Marital InfidelityEvery single time couples smile and say “I do,” they are hoping to beat  the odds that half of all marriages in this country end in divorce. There are many reasons why relationships go so sour, but one of the more prevalent reasons why couples race to divorce court is marital infidelity.

Although studies show that women are more forgiving of an affair,but  it’s often impossible to save a marriage after an unfaithful husband has had an extramarital affair.

Once there is a suspicion of a wife having an affair or signs of infidelity, it grows and grows into a great divide. That’s when gets a call from an emotional spouse asking us to “follow my wife” or “catch a cheating spouse” or “prove a secret affair.” Often in the caller’s mind, their spouse is already guilty; they just need the proof of the cheating spouse. The caller has only one perspective – and it is emotion-driven.

More and more common, though, are requests from divorce attorneys. One spouse has seen signs of an affair and already made a decision to divorce. The request made of us is to provide objective facts in order for the attorney to provide the best representation of his client. In other words, we gather the information needed for indisputable leverage in the settlement.

may be asked to conduct personal or business asset investigations as well as cheating spouse surveillance to expose an unfaithful wife or supposed discreet affairs.

On rare occasions we uncover the truth and it is not a cheating spouse or any sort of marriage infidelity. But as I said, that is rare. Our experience shows that when there are signs of cheating spouses, there is something amiss. Even when we don’t discover a husband cheating or a wife having an affair, other covert activities are brought to light and have destructive consequences.

We provide the objective, factual information that attorneys and their clients need to make informed decisions in otherwise emotionally-charged circumstances.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations