Knows How to Find Missing Persons is well-known in central Indiana for finding people. We know how to locate people not only in central Indiana, but across the nation and overseas as well. There are many reasons we have been asked to undertake take a missing person search, including:

  • Disappearance under suspicious circumstances
  • Suspected runaways
  • Locating heir to an estate
  • Family seeking other known family members
  • Persons seeking unknown biological family, parents

A successful missing person investigation does not always return the answers a client wants. The family we find may not wish to meet the person seeking them, the missing person could be deceased or ill. Our goal is to find a person and report the information we uncover. Just because we find the person, does not mean they wish to be found or reunited, and we have to respect that position. We can provide the information they allow to be released, but we cannot force them to interact or meet someone.

Of course, in some situations, we are asked to find missing persons to close a chapter. Other times, we are asked to find a person because of a personal or medical situation. The person they seek may be prone to a medical condition, or may be able to assist in the recovery of the seeker.

In order to find a person, it helps if the client can provide with as much information as possible. That could include:

  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Birth parents, full names
  • Location of birth
  • Names of siblings, ages, locations
  • Photographs
  • Location of prior residences
  • List of prior jobs, education, associations

In other words, the more information we start with, the faster and more success we might have as we proceed with how to find missing persons. So, if you have a situation where you want a professional people search, gather your information and have it all ready for the investigator to get started. Finding people is not impossible, but every little bit of information could be crucial to the success of the search.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations