Pile of MoneySince 1960, has proudly served as a professional helpmate to all types of cases. We have worked on numerous cases involving government agencies, municipalities, insurance companies, investors, business owners, bankers and bail bondsmen.

More often than not, we can track down the guy guilty of employee embezzlement for thousands of dollars. We can even find offshore bank accounts, hidden assets and even missing assets. We can prove insurance fraud in many cases involving false claims made to insurance companies.

But some private citizens might assume that our fact-finding service is set aside only for those with deep pockets. That assumption could not possibly be farther from the truth.

Our firm is filled with a unique mix of investigators with all kinds of backgrounds. Some are former FBI agents. Government agents and retired law enforcement officers also work for . And because of that vast mix of skills and work experience, we can very successfully work with any type of investigative needs. We match skill sets to particular needs of clients. Some of our investigators are also the best researchers you could ever find. With that said, we never want potential clients who are private citizens to assume that their case won’t be viewed as worthy for our attention.

In fact, no one loves a happy ending more than . From our own experiences working with private citizens, we know that a missing person search or a child custody investigation is not only time-sensitive but sometimes life changing.

No matter who you are or what your case entails, we provide you with the same amount of professional expertise as we provide for the high profile cases.

In the more than 50 years on the job, we can readily say that the ways to track down the truth have improved through technology.

  • We can access impressive data bases.
  • We employ social media engineering.
  • We utilize the latest equipment for surveillance.

But in other ways, the changes through the years make our job more difficult. Today, people are much more transient. They don’t keep addresses forever. They may frequently change jobs and telephone numbers, too. And speaking of telephones, well, you know what a difference smart phones have made on daily lives. Computer forensics and mobile forensic tools are used more regularly today.

At , we blend cyber sleuthing with good old fashioned foot work. And we’re one of the leading investigative teams because of what we provide for all of our clients – large and small.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations