Insurance Fraud Investigations Also Uncover ForgeryIn the course of insurance fraud investigation, Internal Investigators has uncovered a trend that accompanies some claims – and that is forgery.

Product liability cases can involve anything from a vehicle, to a food product, furniture, building materials and everything in between.

When a claim is made about a product that might require relocating or acquiring rental cars, campers or the like, fraud and forgery can go hand-in-hand.

Case in point is a pending case in New England. A man has been charged with insurance fraud and forgery in connection with a claim made to his insurance company. There was a problem with his vehicle and he said it could not be driven. He submitted more than $500 worth of receipts for a rental vehicle.

During the investigation in connection with the product liability case, the investigator provided documented proof that the claimant was not driving a rental vehicle, but his own car. Further investigation provided evidence that the receipts – supposedly from a local rental company and signed by a worker there – were actually forged.

The good thing about working with is that we have a forensic examiner who can provide expert handwriting analysis.  So when those concerns come up in a case such as a product liability investigation or a medical malpractice investigation, our handwriting analyst is prepared to provide services quickly.

The hand writing analysis can support who did or did not sign a document, but uncovering the evidence that fraudulent receipts or forms were used or provided to the insurance company is a challenge that is faced by insurance fraud investigators. It is not a simple task and that is why the experienced investigators are requested time and again.

New dogs can learn the tricks, but there has to be an experienced dog there to lead the training.  So if you need the experience for difficult cases, contact . We are here with years of solutions.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations