Open Hand Raised, Stop Cheating Sign Painted, Multi Purpose ConcWhen the topic of infidelity comes up, almost without pause, people think marital infidelity. Cheating wives. Cheating husbands. But, in reality, the potential for a cheating boyfriend or cheating girlfriend is just as, or more, likely. Perhaps it is because there is less of a commitment, less of a financial investment that secret affairs are really less discreet affairs.

Relationships between a boyfriend and a girlfriend can be as long-lasting and as intense as a marriage – and as difficult to break as a marriage. We know from experience here at that these breakups can be as contentious as the most hostile divorce.

It’s not uncommon for our digital forensics and the cell phone hack detection or spyware detector services on computers to center on relationships between boyfriends and girlfriends. So, as much as you hear about signs of a cheating spouse, it should really be signs of infidelity in RELATIONSHIPS. Many of them are the same whether it is an official marriage or not.

Here are several signs that, although not conclusive, might indicate some level of infidelity:

Changes in routine or habits:

  • Going out more with “friends”
  • Working late or leaving and coming home at different hours
  • Taking calls in another room or clicking them off or hanging up after a quick, “I’ll call you back.”

New interests or topics of conversation:

  • Acquires new tastes in food, clothing or music
  • Introduces new behaviors during sex
  • Takes up a new sport or activity

Mood changes:

  • Less interested in being with you or in sex
  • Is “over nice”
  • Points out your flaws, picks fights
  • Makes suggestions about how you could improve your appearance (usually in a specific way)

Secretive Behavior:

  • Changes password on phone or computer
  • Deletes call history and won’t allow you to see texts or messages
  • Wants to know where you are all the time

One of the biggest indications is conversation about what would or would not constitute “cheating” and lying about big things as well as small things.

One of the common threads in many of the clients who think their partner is having an affair is they have a “gut feeling.” And that is why they come to . In our role as an infidelity investigator, our goal is to find the facts and get to the truth. Then our clients can make those important decisions.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations

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