Friends can be a neighbor, a kid you grew up with since grade school, a co-worker, a boss and your spouse. Nobody ever thinks that a private investigator could be a friend, but in many of our cases that we work, in the end, we have acted on the same level as a friendship. We put our Client’s first, we work on their behalf, we do what is right and we stay within the law to make sure anything we find can be used in the court of law. We don’t tell our Clients we are their friends, but we act upon the same basis.

by If you look in the dictionary it will tell you that the definition of friendship is a state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness; amity; good will

So if you need a third party to find the truth, or you can’t or won’t involve your everyday friends or family, and your co-worker’s advice doesn’t seem all that sensible and your boss just doesn’t have time to hear your problems, reach out to a Friendly Team, We believe that if you find the truth about any situation, the truth will set you free.

Take for instance, our Client who strongly believed somebody at his work place was bugging his cellphone. He had heard of cell phone spying or cell phone monitoring. Talk around the office would include bits and pieces of conversations he had outside of their presence and was personal, nothing that he would have discussed in the company of his co-workers. He just felt there was a cell phone hacker somewhere within his company. Then there was a situation where his ex-wife had texted him a pretty nasty message, and the following day someone, possible the cell phone spy, brought up a topic about ex-wives and how nasty they can be hidden behind a phone. Was it coincidence or was it malicious intent?

This bothered him for weeks and finally he felt he needed to act upon it. He googled some key words and was connected to us, He immediately called our office and just laid out his situation. He told us he was up for a promotion, had just gotten through a nasty divorce, had purchased a new car and house and recently met a really nice woman with whom he was currently spending time with. He told us about his jealous co-worker that always seemed to be around the proverbial water cooler with nothing more to do than gossip. He told us he had lost his confidence in many areas that he had so proudly displayed prior to this situation. He had begun to be withdrawn and was careful in communicating with anyone in the office which made he appear to be smug. His boss had noticed a change in him and mentioned it briefly, but didn’t seem to want him to elaborate on his current behavior. He wanted proof that he was being spied upon.

We didn’t take the case because we wanted a friend, he didn’t hire us because he thought we could develop a friendship, we came together because he needed assurance that his phone was safe and as a trusted and well established company, could provide him with an answer, with the truth to what he was suspecting.

Cell phone eavesdropping has become very easy, with over thousands of applications that can be purchased online, outside the US and installed remotely. In his case, his phone was at times on his desk with him out of the office for periods of time. We learned his phone had a passcode, therefore anyone attempting to gain access to it had to have his passcode and he was adamant about keeping his passcode secret. We discussed our cell phone forensic process and the mobile forensic tools used to conduct a cellphone spyware analysis that he would have to purchase a track phone and forward his calls so that the digital forensic expert could have access to his phone. He was worried that our analysis would make modifications to his phone and we assured him that when we conduct a forensic extraction and the analysis is conducted by the extraction and not the phone, as in any device analyzed by our certified computer examiner.

The Truth ~ His phone was considered safe, he was lucky, not like other Clients whose devices have been compromised. He was just under a lot of stress from his divorce and the anticipation of the upcoming promotion. After hearing that he could talk freely on his phone and knowing that the conversations at work were not directed at him, his confidence was restored and he thanked us for giving him that peace of mind. We may not have become friends, but he told us if he ever needed our services again, he would definitely use us and he would recommend us to his friends.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations