Hidden out of Sight, Viewed from AfarIt was just another abnormal day for Victoria.  She sat at home in her lounge chair and noticed that her smoke detector looked a bit strange.  She just ignored it at first, it was just a smoke detector and she had more than a strange smoke detector to ponder.  She had just broken up with her live in boyfriend of 5 years.  He had become a bit overbearing, demanding to know her every move, who she was with, who she talked to, even at times showing up at her place of employment.  It was just too much to deal with, and even though she cared deeply, she cared more for her emotional state of mind.

Again, she went back to that smoke detector and decided to check it out, maybe it would change her thought patterns and keep her from thinking about that night a few weeks back when she told him it was over.  As she tried to remove the detector from the wall, as she had done many times before to change the batteries, she realized this smoke detector was “wired”.  How strange.  And then it hit her like a ton of bricks.  She had just read a news article about a woman who’s ex-husband had been spying on her and when he learned she had a new man in her life, he took matters into his own hands and tried to break into her house.

She searched frantically for the article to review, and then she knew immediately, she was being spied on.  Her phone was running hot, she thought she had spotted him at the coffee shop outside in his car a few times.  Her phone would ring when she was with her friends and nobody would answer.  Her phone would turn itself on in her purse.  All these things were not just coincidental, they were planned.

Immediately she contacted our office and told us her story and we highly recommend TSCM services.  TSCM services can find listening devices hidden in everyday objects without visual detection.   The following day, we had our TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasure) at her house looking for any type of eavesdropping devices , electronic surveillance equipment and spy equipment.  The smoke detector was functional, it would detect smoke, but it also detected her movements when she was active and within range of the motion activated detector.  There were also listening devices found in various rooms of her house.  We also suggested we check her vehicle for a GPS device, which we found one carefully hidden in the engine compartment wired to her battery post.  Once we were finished, we suggested a mobile phone forensic analysis, which determined he had indeed been watching where she was going as he had activated a legal “Find My Friend” app on her phone.  So he was able to hear her in the house, track her phone and track her car, he couldn’t see her in life, but he was able to watch her from afar.

With our results, Victoria immediately contacted an attorney to determine exactly what she could do legally to stop him from perusing her any further.  So you may accidentally come across something suspicious and never give it a second thought, but if you are ever in this type of situation, be aware of your surroundings and let nothing go unnoticed.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations