Hidden Asset Search Investigator May be Your Best Friend During DivorceBecause women initiate more than 70% of all divorces, maybe you wouldn’t initially worry that, as a female, you could be cheated out of what is legally owed to you, regarding marital assets in divorce proceedings. But if that’s your belief, you’ll very likely find yourself with less in your pocket than you expected.

In most instances, especially if your husband happens to be cheating with another person and/or making his own private plans toward dissolving the marriage, he may be intentionally setting up what he believes to be unknown bank accounts, unknown assets including stock accounts or even off shore accounts.

There’s an old saying that the best way to hurt a man is through his wallet. And even if you aren’t trying to be vindictive, your spouse may feel financially threatened, especially when he suspects that a divorce looms in the horizon. Many spouses choose to hide income or move accounts around, sometimes under the names of other family members or trusted friends, or they pocket bonuses and overtime money. Finding hidden assets, including assets in divorce situations, is something has a reputation for doing well – both here in Indianapolis, Indiana and around the nation.

Here are a few tips to consider if you suspect you need to find hidden assets:

  • Make an appointment with a reputable attorney, especially one who specializes in family law. You don’t have to actually file for a divorce. You can go there with a plan of only asking questions and talking about your suspicions about missing assets, hidden money, hidden bank accounts or hidden retirement funds. You’ll need information about your rights so you can make solid decisions about your future.
  • If your interest is to keep the marriage intact, suggest to your husband that you both attend some counseling. If he refuses, consider attending some sessions on your own so you can sort through your feelings.
  • Without broadcasting your intentions, keep track of your spouse’s income. Keep track of pay stubs. Write down when he says he is working overtime. If he gets an annual bonus each year, check into your bank accounts for deposits and withdrawals. Inquire about new accounts. Be aware, thought, that finding unknown accounts is not easy for the average citizen.

works with attorneys as a divorce asset investigator. We have the capability to uncover both a statewide asset search as well as a nationwide asset search. That doesn’t limit us because we can find hidden off shore accounts or find international accounts as well.

Gathering information is essential and we are pros at asset investigation. It’s the only way you can protect yourself and your future.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations