Haunted – Why a GP Hired Us to Recon Her Own OfficeCassie owned and operated a successful general practice in a nearby town. Her office staff was small with only a handful of long-term employees operating out of a former residential house in the historic part of town. Cassie’s practice had been at this location for 12 years and there had never been any out-of-the-ordinary activities, unless you count the patients’ occasional unusual medical conditions.

However, a few months ago, Cassie’s receptionist and another staff member starting making jokes about the office being haunted. They would complain that when they set objects down, such as a stapler or even personal objects like lip gloss, the item would be gone when they went back to use it later. The missing object would show back up again in a different place than where it was originally placed. Cassie assumed the lost-and-found items were a result of busy employees getting distracted and forgetting where they set things.

It wasn’t long though, before other employees and even Cassie herself started losing items. The missing objects were of little monetary value and usually showed back up again, so Cassie was convinced there was a practical joker at work rather than a thief. All the employees denied being behind the prank, but Cassie felt there was no other explanation. Cassie believed an employee was moving objects right before the office closed for the day.

The search for missing items started off as an occasional occurrence but was quickly turning into a wearisome daily ritual. Cassie had had enough and called for help.

After hearing Cassie’s story, we suggested several options that Cassie could pursue, including lie detector testing on her employees and interviews with an investigator trained in detecting lies through body language. Cassie chose instead to rent hidden infrared cameras and had install one in each room in the office except of course, the restrooms. The hidden cameras were installed when the office was closed, but Cassie warned employees they were being monitored until the problem was resolved. She felt the responsible party would stop playing pranks immediately once they knew they’d be caught on camera and she’d be able to return the investigative equipment in a couple of weeks.

As soon as the cameras were installed, the problem of teleporting objects stopped immediately.

Cassie was happy with the results, even though she never found out who was behind it, it stopped and she was delighted to have her office running smoothly again.  Sometimes to stop an action, you have to react to the action.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations