Business concept: Silver Email on digital backgroundIf your gut screams that something isn’t right, don’t ignore it! Call on to help you identify what that “something” is. We respect your intuition. And we will help identify that “something” that doesn’t feel right. That’s exactly what happened in a case involving business partners, Brett and Leo.

Three years earlier, these computer wizards launched a technology business. In the second year, the business boomed to the tune of several million dollars. Also in their second year of business, the men were rather intrigued when a new business opened in the same city. Oddly enough, the new business offered many similar products and services. This was odd, since Brett and Leo created many of their own software products.

A few months into their third year of business, the new company advertised a product that was nearly identical to the one Brett and Leo created and planned to offer. Something wasn’t right. Was it just coincidental that the new business seemed so similar and their products, too? Or did they smell a rat somewhere in their own team?

They could not imagine one single employee being disloyal and willing to feed information to the competition. That’s when Brett and Leo contacted . This was our formula for proving their intuition correct:

  • We conducted a background investigation on each employee that was privy to confidential information, such as the creation of new products and dates those products would be unveiled.
  • We conducted a background investigation on both owners of the new company.
  • Using digital forensics, we carefully tracked who, from Brett and Leo’s camp, might know someone from the competition and be suspiciously corresponding electronically. Using data mining software, forensic data recovery allowed us to eliminate some employees and focus our attention on others.
  • Ongoing computer forensics investigation allowed us to monitor email and conduct other computer surveillance.
  • With company-issued cell phones, we were able to use cell phone forensic tools to conduct a mobile phone analysis for digital correspondence and other activity.
  • We conducted other electronic and physical surveillance as we narrowed down the source of the leak.

Through the careful, thorough steps of this corporate espionage investigation, we identified one of Brett and Leo’s project managers as the guilty party. We also proved that he was being paid by the competition for his theft in the workplace, stealing Brett and Leo’s hard work.

Without evidence of wrongdoing, the police may be reluctant to get involved, so when intuition knocks at your brain, call on . And we will take care of the rest.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations