Magnifying GlassSadly, it seems the general public is still uninformed about the many ways can assist them with answering questions and resolving conflict. Because of this, they face hardships and consequences that might have been avoided had they known more about exactly what we do.

Private investigators today work with private individuals, attorneys, business owners, corporations and companies. The truth is that we do utilize surveillance equipment when one spouse suspects the other of marital infidelity. When our clients request it, we do use cameras and video recorders with zoom lenses and date and time stamps to provide proof of cheating spouses.

But our careers have drastically changed with the times. Our methods of gathering information have evolved with technology. Although we still utilize the investigative skills of yesterday, such as searching through old records in courthouse basements, most investigators carry around laptops and begin investigations on their keyboards.

More every day, people openly live their lives online. Many pay household bills online. Email addresses are nearly equal in importance to social security numbers since most of us tend to keep our email addresses for many years. Today, people share a lot of their lives on Facebook and Instagram, photos of families, friends, homes, vehicles and favorite pubs and restaurants. Most don’t even realize what a gigantic digital trail they make.

We are experts in research. We also have access to data that the general public does not. We have excellent skills in digital forensics and social media engineering; we utilize every technological advancement available. And because of these skills, has a global ability to find the truth. Some examples of our clients:

  • Personal investors, institutions and hedge fund managers who request thorough due diligence examination of potential investment opportunities in international companies and projects.
  • Attorneys representing individuals in divorce to trace assets including hidden bank accounts and to locate hidden stocks and other unknown assets.
  • Bail bondsmen and fugitive recovery agents to find missing people and those who have suddenly vanished.
  • Private individuals who had been adopted that want help finding people such as their biological families
  • Insurance companies to identify and document auto insurance fraud, slip and fall fraud, long term disability fraud and worker compensation fraud.
  • Business owners and corporate managers who suspect employee embezzlement or theft by employees

Private investigators have developed skills, tools and equipment to help uncover the truth for clients in many different situations. If you have a question, suspicions or concerns, chances are a private investigator can help you.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations