We’ve seen a pattern develop here at . Despite what you might believe, it seems that more men than women get stung when it comes to dealing with people. Women seem to have that radar that sniffs out suspicious behavior, like it’s an intuitive sense.

We have been asked by men, women and businesses to do what boils down to due diligence – background checks – for many reasons, some of which you might not initially consider. The thing is that going through the process could save you from a lot of problems down the line.

On a personal level, some of the situations where a background investigation might be warranted include:

  • Hiring a nanny, housekeeper or chef
  • Family disputes in estates or caregiving situations
  • Marital disputes, infidelity
  • Relationships, meeting someone online or in person
  • Someone being blackmailed

In the business arena, due diligence investigation is more expected and customary. But business could be between private parties and the same due diligence process is recommended.

  • Loaning money to a private party or business
  • Concerns regarding embezzlement or other fraud
  • Fraudulent disability claims
  • Employee circumstances: executive promotions, terminations, performance
  • Creditor inquiries regarding bankruptcy and finances prior to and after settlement
  • Attorneys investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of clients

All background investigations must be done within the scope of legal parameters. To get an in-depth picture, it is best that a person understands a background check is underway and we recommend obtaining a signed release authorizing an agent to do a comprehensive investigation.  Also with an authorization, the subject has the right to request a copy of whatever we find. They can review the findings and correct or repair any inaccurate information.

Hiring a professional investigator is recommended over the cursory online services. One reason is that the initial information provided by a client may be inaccurate and must be verified before the investigation is undertaken. Due diligence services based on inaccurate information will yield inaccurate and incomplete results. Another reason is that there is no main database that includes all state and national records. In fact, we often have to complete county-by-county searches and there are still many counties where the records are kept manually and must be hand-searched. Online database services cannot provide that examination.

If you find the need to perform due diligence and want an accurate, thorough background check or investigation, make it count. Hire a professional.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations