Foiled by a Mole, Proven by a Computer Forensics InvestigationComputer forensics investigators are asked to work on a wide variety of cases – from businesses concerned with the release of proprietary information to spouses in the midst of bitter divorce battles. Here at , we find that computer forensics investigations are also becoming a tool in relationship investigations.

For instance, we had a case where a wife thought her husband had posted an ad on a dating sight. It was brought to her attention how much the man looked like her husband. The picture was a nude, full body photograph and the face was a profile shot with a hat sort of pulled down over his face. At first she just laughed and when she shared it with him, he denied it.

But it bothered her because on closer inspection, there was a striking similarity in a mole on the body of the man in the picture and one her husband had. She was troubled so she brought the matter to us – just to put her mind at ease. We didn’t begin the investigation with a computer forensic analysis. We started with other investigative methods, but the results were inconclusive, so we moved into the digital forensics.

She brought the family computer in and our computer forensics specialist went to work. A computer forensic examination quickly uncovered a hidden photo album – full of a whole array of photos of her husband – nude – with the hat. The photo on the dating service ad was also included in the album. She had to sit down when the computer forensic analysis results were handed over. She had indeed recognized the same mole on her husband’s body.

He finally came clean. He sort of had to because all the data extracted during the computer forensic examination pretty much proved he wasn’t being truthful.

Computer forensics firms are being asked to provide computer forensic services for a growing list of reasons. Just be certain, if you have the need that you work with computer forensics experts.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations