Due Diligence is Especially Important in International TransactionsThe culture in the business world varies from country to country. And that can be like navigating a mine field, which is why it is important to conduct due diligence investigation.

When businesses outside the United States have a potential acquisition, merger or wish to start up or partner with a business inside the United States, they contact and we begin with a due diligence checklist to identify any serious problems with:

  • Ethics,
  • Reputation,
  • Product failures,
  • Employee morale,
  • Union problems
  • Financial viability,
  • Consumer complaints,
  • Negative publications,
  • Civil litigation or
  • Pending government or law enforcement investigations.

Often, business transactions cover the financial aspects of the businesses and the deal. However, that’s not the sort of due diligence services that is completed by as you can see from the list above.

When we perform due diligence services, we look at the owners, the principals and the executives and conduct investigations into their business and personal dealings that could have an impact on the company. This is very different from a company’s standard HR due diligence checklist.

You can protect the transactions you have with businesses in other countries by developing a due diligence process that includes investigations that reveal information that could be critical.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations