background investigation 44Whew! Just do a Google search for Background Investigation and see the more than 33,400,000 results pop up! You would think that there would not be any chance of a person being hoodwinked with the number of “services” out there to reveal the con artists and scammers. But you would be wrong.

Why is that?

Well, it is pretty simple. There are basically two reasons for the growing likelihood of a person – of any age, gender or race – getting conned:

  1. People are optimistic and naïve. They don’t want to believe there is ever really a need for background check services, especially in a personal situation. They may understand why a business would conduct an employment background check and even a criminal background check, but have no idea that a criminal background search on that person they met online might save their financial future.
  2. People think an online background investigation is sufficient. Here at , we know there is a lot of information about individuals online. But we also know that an “instant national background check” is not going to be exhaustive. If you are really trying to protect yourself, you should realize that any of those quick and easy searches online are not going to provide the in-depth and hidden information you would get with a professional and thorough background investigation and criminal background check. If the bad guys know enough to hide the dirt, it’s generally not going to be laying out there on the surface of the Internet.

If a company hires professionals to conduct their background investigations because they are concerned about losing money or credibility, don’t you think it is equally as important for an individual? Attorneys come to us when clients come to them AFTER a situation has escalated out of control and sometimes, by then, it’s too late to recover from the damage.

Do yourself a favor; get the scoop at the beginning. Our experience has been that if there is nothing to hide, the subject is willing to allow the investigation.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations