Don’t Allow the Internet to Make Your Hiring Process Complicated

The internet is a pretty nifty tool, type in a question and you will get multiple results. “How To” and “DIY” are very popular and the “how to” sites are endless. You can find the answers to any question or you can watch a video for instructions.

For entertainment purposes, now you can find a site that can tell you just about anything about a person, but it is not the correct path to obtain verified information. After inputting the requested search criteria, which is usually only a name, you then must provide your Credit Card Information before you get the results? Paying $29.99 to find anyone, their criminal history, their marriage records, their email and residential address, relatives and associates is inaccurate and probably impossible.

The first thing that pops up with this site is, “We found who you are looking for” and they give you possible names, addresses and telephone numbers. This information could come from White Pages, or information posted on the web, or from various social sites. When in fact, that individual may have gotten married and changed their name, they may be linked to an address, but it isn’t their place of residency.

As an employer it is your responsibility to conduct a thorough background check. Do you need to know if your applicant is currently in a civil litigation? 90% of civil records are by name only, they don’t require a verifier. The US has over 3,000 counties, how was the person you are searching for linked to those counties? Do they have a Criminal History? Remember those 3,000 counties, did the search include counties the individual may have been employed? Maybe they were arrested while on vacation or visiting relatives! Lastly could they be required to report as a sex offender?

The internet is an informative tool, but that information is compiled from various unsubstantiated sources and hasn’t been verified. Would you hire an employee based solely from social sites? Would you allow someone to watch your children by simply doing a background search by name only? Probably not and that’s when you should make the decision to hire a company who not only can conduct these searches, but to provide only information that has been verified.

When we conduct an Employment Background Search upon an individual, we recommend obtaining an Authorization to Release Form. With the Authorization form it allows us to access information outside of Public Records. It allows us to verify a Social Security Number and determine if they are linked to any other numbers, eliminating errors in reporting. We can run a Driving History for citations, DUI’s Suspensions and Restrictions anywhere in the US. We can obtain a Credit Report, which is illegal to run without their authorization. We can review social sites linked by name, email address, telephone numbers and other information even if the information isn’t reported on their application.

Background Checks are important, they prevent a company or a parent form hiring the wrong person. has helped hundreds of companies in their hiring process so they can be assured not only did they hire the best candidate, but one whose background has been thoroughly checked.

Brenda McGinley ~ , CE