computer security breachEveryone knows that businesses face risks from cyber threats. However, what isn’t realized is that the risk isn’t just a problem for BIG business, it’s a problem for EVERY business.

As leaders in computer forensic investigation and experience as spyware detectors and spyware removers, the computer forensics experts at can tell you that the Allianz Risk Barometer 2015 is accurate in reporting that disruptive scenarios are increasing in number.

The point they want to make is that risk management must reflect this new reality and we agree.

Attacks made on servers and systems to infiltrate and steal information and data are still a prime concern, but that is not the only scenario that computer forensics companies are being called in to address.

No, there are attempts to hack into business computer systems and while they look like innocuous hacking issues, there are often underlying purposes. Of course, there are some who would send emails and files that contain malware just to see what happens. But there are MORE who have a beef with a company and want revenge.

Their purpose is not corporate espionage or even to steal a customer list or get proprietary R&D information. Their purpose is to make a company squirm.

Some would be happy to cause the angst created when a computer system has been infiltrated and compromised – because the uncertainty is nerve wracking.

But another result could be that if a system is compromised and stops functioning properly, the company operations can be effected. Sometimes it’s to the point that the business has to shut down part or all of its systems. Stopping an enemy in its tracks can be exhilarating for the culprit.

Cyber risks have moved into the top three business risks – and business interruption is cited by 49% of the respondents as being a main cause of economic loss following an incident.

Protecting your systems is a primary concern for many IT divisions and computer forensic services are one of the tools in the box to help. Computer forensic analysis is not just for computer forensics electronic discovery. Some may be set on stealing from an enemy, true, but not always. Digital forensics is also used to dig out the malware that may inadvertently infiltrate a system for destructive purposes.

Causing a major disruption in business operations that results in financial loss can be like the brass ring for vengeful former clients or employees who feel they have been wronged in some manner.

Forensics consultants and computer hacking forensic investigators are able to isolate and identify files carrying malware and quarantine them and remove them.

Call for computer forensics consulting. It’s not worth the risk to ignore the disruptive trends.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations