The concept of cybercrime. Criminal activity performed by computThere is a troubling trend growing in the world of crime and punishment and that’s why the phones at are ringing.

Just like every other aspect, life has been impacted by technology, the crime world has taken advantage of new technology, too. But on the other hand, that means that the authorities who police and the attorneys who prosecute (or defend) those in court have to be prepared to use everything technology provides for them, as well.

Living in the information age promulgated by technology makes that a challenge. There is just so much evidence and data that has to be uncovered and handled so that it can be used as evidence. The sheer volume is overwhelming authorities. It’s not just in the United States, either. No, the information age makes the globe smaller and crime flows faster and easier today across borders.

Where digital forensics started and where it’s going

Because has been on the cutting edge of computer forensic examination since the beginning, it means we were one of the first organizations to conduct mobile phone forensic analysis as well as computer forensics investigation and computer data forensics recovery.

In the beginning, much of the digital forensics involved computer hacking forensic investigators armed with spyware detectors and spyware removers and experts in mobile phone spyware detection and cell phone spyware. That is still needed, but is quickly being overtaken by forensic data recovery. The data extraction software is rooting out evidence, pure and simple.

The evidence on computers can be files, documents, emails, photos, videos and more. In cell phone forensics the tools provide emails, texts, videos, photos, contact lists, calls made and received and then the timing elements of cell phone tracking, cell tower triangulation and, after completing the legal process for cell records, information about calls made.

Gathering that data is not as simple as getting a few reports. There is a protocol for data extraction and specific subpoena language for cell records and other data.

How evidence gathering is changing

In many cases involving businesses and some personal situations, attorneys are suggesting that their clients contact private computer forensics companies and computer forensic consultants in order to gather evidence to take to authorities.

While business owners could pursue employee theft and employee embezzlement through the authorities, gathering evidence of wrongdoing to present to authorities makes the case easier and faster. Especially when the information has been handled according to the law and protocols required for it to be used as evidence in court. And, it’s a real bonus when there is a computer forensic expert witness ready to testify.

While this has long become especially true regarding suspicions of cell phone spying and cell phone surveillance, private digital forensics and computer investigation prior to involving authorities is growing in incidence and popularity when appropriate.

As always, is ready. We are prepared to use the skills and tools we have developed to get to the facts and the truth for you.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations