He didn’t send the emails, but they came from his computerComputer forensic analysis can range in scope depending on the case.  We get cases ranging from clients wanting to find deleted emails, pictures, etc. all the way to malicious software investigations.  As with all digital forensics, forensic data recovery is the most common request that we get followed closely by mobile phone spyware detection with social media engineering being the third most common.  The key to a successful computer forensics investigation is that a competent computer forensics expert be willing to explore all conceivable possibilities while performing the investigation.

I am reminded of a case we had about a year ago where the client had an employee log into his email account from their office computer and download emails that were sent to some of the client’s venders.  Much of the emails contained confidential data and after some serious allegations were brought to the attention of our client, he then hired us as computer forensics consultants on his behalf.  We were able to easily ascertain which computer in the building logged into the email account via the IP address and even place the perpetrator at their computer during the time frame the incidents occurred.  Now this was an example of an easy open and shut case but not all computer forensic investigations are this easy.

That is why when you are in need of a computer forensic specialist be careful who you chose and always check their credentials.  Inc has the best forensic examiners and require that they have proper certifications prior to assigning them to any case.  You can count on us to dig to the bottom of your digital forensic needs.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations