Stop Cyber BullyingBeing a parent is a big job and now with bullying and cyber bullying that job has become even harder. Years ago the topic of hazing was in the news and the public became aware of the dangers and harm from it. Now, bullying is coming up in the mainstream conversation and its impact is gaining attention.

And parents are taking action. Here at , we are seeing that parents consider private investigators a tool in helping them combat bullying in the lives of their children.

One case in Maryland caught national attention when an autistic teenager was tormented by two female schoolmates. Evidence of the mistreatment was caught on the girls’ telephones where they had videotaped horrific pranks played on the boy. Played is not the right word as the outcomes could have resulted in his death.

This example brings to light one of the investigative tools available for cases such as these – videos and photos. Usually the media is shared online with classmates through several platforms, both open and closed.

The Internet is a danger for kids and a tool for investigators

While digital forensics conjures up visions of computer forensics experts and computer investigation or mobile phone forensic analysis or cell phone analysis, it is also a part of investigative strategies and tools we use online in social media investigation and social media engineering.

The thing about young people – they love to share – everything. Parents can warn them about “over-sharing” but they think just because they are on a closed platform where only the invited can come, they are safe. Nothing could be less true. We can prove it.

When a parent is concerned about their child being harassed or bullied, we, like every other person in the world, take to the Internet. It isn’t long before we can identify the victim’s friends and their foes.

Gathering evidence of supposed pranks, practical jokes and “I was just kidding” comments takes time. But through social media engineering, online chats and engagement, we are able to do just that.

And, just like in years of old when the neighbor saw you doing something and told your parents, the Internet is also a witness. So while we don’t lump these investigative techniques and strategies under computer forensics investigation, we don’t care that others might.

Our purpose is to get the facts and find the truth. If that saves one person from bullying and another from committing a crime down the road, we’ll call it dining with the wolves, walking with dinosaurs or whatever you like.

At , we have the skills, the tools and the mission to make a difference and it’s especially satisfying when it is for hardworking parents and children.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations