Computer Forensics Specialists Can Remove Spyware From Mobile Worker’s MachinesOver the last few years something has happened in the business world – workers have become mobile. Unfettered through computers and use of the cloud, the old 9-5 doesn’t have to be within the confines of office walls.

With that freedom have come other issues.

One of the biggest issues is the protection of corporate assets. While workers have become mobile, they are carrying confidential corporate assets in the form of information with them on their computer and laptops. Those assets could include many things:

  • actual computer hardware (theft from cars, restaurants, airports, etc.)
  • client lists
  • sales data
  • financial data
  • product research and development
  • employee personnel information

Computers and laptops are routinely stolen. But the thefts of hardware are usually just to get the computer – laptop, notebook, notepad or phone – to sell it.

The thieves who want information can get more by letting the worker keep the machine and use it. They can install spyware or malware and take what they want. Computer hacking is rampant and often, just like viruses and Trojans that create havoc for the owner, spyware is inadvertently welcomed onto a computer by the user.

Because of the huge cost of lost information – particularly to competitors—many large organizations are instituting regular computer forensic examinations by computer forensics specialists.  Workers bring in their machines and examinations can detect any spyware and remove it.

In some instances, computer forensics evidence can lead to legal steps being taken and lawsuits because much is at stake.

Not all computer forensics investigators can do the computer forensics analysis and provide expert witness services like . So if you need a specialist to detect, remove and subsequently provide expert witness testimony, call us. We can do it all.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations