Computer Forensics Investigations Uncover TruthComputer forensic experts are in high demand now and that demand grows greater every day. Why?

Twenty years ago, many people could go weeks or months without ever touching a computer. Today, few people or businesses go minutes without logging on and reaching out into the digital world of the Internet.

Computers are the way we communicate, store information, make plans and organize our lives. So it just makes sense that whenever something is amiss or suspected, one of the first places to gather evidence is from the bad guy’s computer or his mobile unit – his cell phone.

Bad guys often think they have their big secrets hidden well enough or deleted to escape discovery. As computer forensics experts here at , we know differently. Computer forensics investigations can take a snapshot of the current status on a computer and preserve evidence for future use. Seldom is anything ever permanently deleted from a computer!

Information found on computers can be useful in many types of legal cases:

  • the discovery of pornographic materials possessed by a convicted pedophile,
  • correspondence regarding confidential corporate information between an employee and a competitor,
  • documents outlining the creation of a business using a former employer’s equipment, ideas, sources or other information.

When an attorney needs proof and evidence, computers are one of the first places they turn. And when they turn to the computer, they need a computer forensic specialist.

Many cases are resolved before they even get to court because the evidence recovered from a computer made the battle moot. I remember clearly one case where the plaintiff’s attorney called in an executive for a deposition twice. The first time, she asked several times if he had ever communicated specific information to their competitors and he denied ever doing so. The second time, she asked for the same information in about 35 different ways. Again, he denied ever communicating with their competitors about the matter. Finally, she laid a copy of an e-mail in front of him. He just hung his head.

The case was settled out of court for several million dollars. Like I said, sometimes – with the right evidence- court becomes unnecessary.

That’s what computer forensics can do and that’s why we provide such extensive computer forensics services. Everyone deserves the truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations