Corporate espionage is not limited to the development of products and top secret patents. Oh, no, any industry where there is competition, there is the potential for the need for experts in digital forensics.

Even in an industry you might not suspect – the hotel and hospitality world. Starwood Hotels & Resorts accused Hilton of industrial espionage in 2009. Apparently Starwood lost 10 executives and managers to the Hilton chain and Starwood alleged that the departing employees downloaded massive amount of documentation before departing.

This is a situation where a computer forensics specialist can undertake a computer forensics investigation to uncover what was done on each of the computers owned by Starwood and used by the departing employees.

Once the computer forensics examination is complete, the evidence uncovered can be used in a court of law and the technician can testify as a computer forensics expert witness – both to the protocol used in the computer forensics electronic discovery and about the information uncovered.

This particular case was settled before it ever went to court – and Hilton was required to make payments to Starwood, and refrain from forming a competing luxury hotel brand until 2013. Since 2013 is here, we’ll see what develops on that.

The point is that whatever competitive edge you have – whatever special something your organization does – anything that sets you apart and above the competition could be a reason for corporate or industrial espionage. Forensics consultants, like can work with you to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. Not limited to physical eavesdropping or cell phone spying, computers can reveal covert actions.

Spyware detectors are one aspect of keeping your information safe, computer forensic services are another. Protect your organization, have systems in place to prevent or reduce the impact of espionage on your business. Experts in computer forensics investigations can help.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations