Computer Forensics Foils RobbersHave you heard the complaint that computers are de-personalizing interactions in the world? I do know it is easier to hide an identity behind a computer, but that doesn’t take the human out of the equation, that’s for certain. Nor does it prevent the truth to be revealed through computer forensic investigation and computer forensic analysis.

For instance, I just read about two robbery cases in Durham, N.C. that were solved by using computer forensics. The cases centered on the use of Craigslist. The victims responded to an ad on the site and were subsequently robbed. A computer forensics specialist was able to trace all the way back from the ad to the suspects to a physical address.

In our experience here at , our computer forensics experts have uncovered the truth of human communication and interaction through thorough computer forensics investigations. The computer may be an impersonal wall, but the person behind the wall – just like the Great Oz – can be revealed.

It could be a case of an unfaithful spouse hiding communications with a secret lover or an employee selling corporate secrets to a unscrupulous buyer. Computer data forensics recovery can uncover files that were believed to have been deleted or destroyed. But computer forensic services must be provided by a computer forensics expert so the evidence is admissible in a court setting. has been involved in a variety of cases and provided testimony as a computer forensics expert witness. That’s made a huge difference to attorneys and their clients on both sides of the courtroom.

In Durham, three men were convicted on robbery charges when they tried to hide behind the computer. It just doesn’t work that way anymore. For some, the computer may put up some walls and curtains, but there are also ways to look behind those curtains in a computer forensic examination.

Does the computer de-personalize interactions? Maybe on the surface it seems that way, but not to computer forensics firms and the computer forensics investigators who work in them. We have the expertise and equipment needed to uncover the truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations