technology and networking concept - laptop computer with map holIn a recent article in The Police Chief, First Sergeant Charles Cohen, of the Indiana State Police identifies the challenges facing authorities in the field of computer forensics. He says that computer forensic investigators, detectives, and prosecutors all have similar lamentations:

  • There is an unacceptable backlog of computers and devices waiting for examination.
  • By the time computers are examined, it is often too late to follow many of the leads that are produced.
  • Most detectives do not understand computer forensics and what it can accomplish to further their investigations.
  • Many computer forensic examiners do not understand the investigation, causing them to overlook relevant information and expend resources needlessly.

These are some of the reasons why attorneys and their clients across the nation turn to when it comes to computer forensic services. Our staff has been on the cutting edge of the field with one of the first computer forensics investigation labs in the nation.

Computer digital forensics at the lab is conducted using the evidentiary protocol necessary to ensure all data extraction services produce evidence admissible in court. We utilize the most current data extraction software and data mining software for forensic data recovery. Although many bad guys believe that once a file is deleted it is gone, nothing could be further from the truth. It might take some painstaking piecing together, but if there are files or documents remaining, an experienced and skilled computer forensic specialist can find them.

Here at , we do not analyze or make value judgments regarding evidence. Computer forensics investigations are handled objectively. The computer forensic investigator gleans data requested through a sophisticated protocol that protects the chain of command and purity of the evidence. We can be relied on to find the facts, report them and provide the evidence.

Forensic computer investigation is a rapidly expanding field that is overwhelming authorities and their resources. Turn to to find the evidence you need in a timely and constructive manner. Don’t wait.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations