A DIY approach to computer forensics opens up an unwanted can of worms – especially if evidence and factual data is found or recovered from the computer.

With computers being the primary tool used by employees in the vast majority of industries and firms, evidence of wrong-doing is often on the machines once the employee has been terminated or resigned. If there is even the hint that digital forensics may uncover evidence, it’s best to hire a professional computer forensics expert right away. After the employee leaves and the hardware is turned over to the IT department, even the initial booting up of the computer can taint any evidence that would be recovered.

Why? A few of the many reasons:

  1. The chain of custody and tracking of the evidence can be called into question in court. If the proper logging and documentation is not done, the evidence can be thrown out.
  2. By booting up the computer important metadata and the operating system are automatically updated exposing the case to alleged tampering.
  3. Another common error is that to the untrained, less obvious facts and data can be overlooked.

The proper course of action is obviously to immediately contact a computer forensic specialist like .

A computer forensics investigator has been trained to complete a computer forensic examination within the established protocol and to conduct a computer investigation to root out even the smallest detail.

Because the investigator adheres to a strict protocol, that allows the investigator to act as a computer forensics expert witness. Not only can a certified computer examiner testify about the protocol, he can also testify as an objective third party about the data recovered in the process.

Computer forensic firms like work with attorneys and organizations regularly so they stay on the cutting edge of technological developments and computer forensics electronic discovery.

Don’t let a misstep or inadvertent action by an amateur obliterate the evidence you have at hand. Contact a professional for help.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations