Computer Forensic Analysis Uncovers FactsOne thing about investigation – you uncover truths. They might not be the truths you are looking for or that the client expects, but it’s the truth that comes out in the end.

We had a client who asked us to complete a computer forensics examination of her family computer. She was looking for financial information that she felt her husband was keeping from her.  He wouldn’t share financial information with her saying she didn’t have to worry about it. But she did. After meeting with her, our computer forensics expert brought the machine into our lab and began the process.

The computer forensics specialist did not find any financial information and reported that back to her. However, he also reported what he did find and that made her even less happy than if the computer forensics electronic discovery had uncovered dire financial facts. He had no idea that he had uncovered an album of photographs that the wife did not know about.

The album included photos of many international vacations with other women. Prior to the computer forensic analysis, she had believed that his many trips out of the country were business trips. These photos proved otherwise.

She had been worried about their financial situation and through the digital forensics, she discovered that the husband who so-tightly controlled the purse strings had other secrets he didn’t want her to know about.

The results of a computer forensics investigation are confidential and the information goes to the client. It’s not uncommon that computer forensics services often uncover information that surprises clients. Often they are focused on one line of information and when something else is revealed, it’s a shock.

Because offers the services of computer forensics investigations as well as analysis, we are often called upon to provide computer forensic expert witness testimony for attorneys and their clients.

Objectively providing the facts we find, our goal is to provide the facts people need to make informed decisions.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations