Cellular Phone Forensics Mapping Cell Tower Locations Results in ConfessionAren’t cell phones wonderful things? Young people may not realize the freedom and connectivity that we older folks know a cell phone provides. We remember having to wait until we got home to make or return a call. Or how many husbands were really out on a limb when they got to the grocery store and they were out of a specific brand of vanilla his wife said to get. Life is so different.

Not only is life for the average Joe and Jane different, the way the authorities and police operate is different as well. Forensic phone analysis is a critical weapon in the crime-fighting arsenal.

For instance, putting together the pieces of the puzzle in the murder of a teenage girl centered on her cell phone the forensic cell phone data recovery completely told the story.

Obtaining a subpoena to preserve the records of her cell phone was an invaluable element in the puzzle. When she was found, her cell phone was with her, but the time of her death was determined to be a day earlier. A mobile phone forensic analysis was completed to recover the cell phone data.

Her step-father was arrested and charged with the crime. He continually expressed his innocence.

Through cell mapping and the use of cell tower locations, our investigators were able to determine that when she died, she had incoming calls coming to her phone. They were also able to determine that while her step-father was at work, her cell phone moved from one tower to another – after she had died.

The authorities were able to also use cell tower location and cell phone tracking methods to uncover the fact that her phone and her boyfriend’s phone were both at the same tower location at the time she died.

When confronted with that information, the boyfriend confessed. The step-father was released. Cell phone analysis proved guilt – and innocence.

Yes, cell phones provide great freedom – but they can also hold us accountable for our whereabouts and our actions. In this case, cell phone deleted data recovery key phrase was not necessary. But in some instances, even data someone believes has been deleted and removed from the phone can be recovered. It seems that every cell phone action leaves a trace somewhere – and can expose the true story when experts use their mobile device forensics tools.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations