Cellular Location Evidence Requires Expert AnalysisThe use of cellular forensics has become a real tool for many attorneys and their clients – on both the defense and the prosecution sides of the courtroom.

Although we conduct mobile device forensics or mobile phone hack detection for clients suspecting cell phone spying, we also conduct investigations using cellphone records and mobile phone tracking techniques.

The complexity of cell tower tracking has grown exponentially with the number of cell phone being used today. In fact, cell tower triangulation for cellphone tracking or for locating cellular location is pretty much a misnomer. Cellphone experts say that there is no cellular tower triangulation because cell phone signals bounce from tower to tower depending not only on geographic location, but also the volume of signals in a certain area. If one tower is too busy, a signal may be bounced to another adjacent cell tower location.

First, the mobile phone forensics investigator must acquire the cellphone records from the service provider. Each provider has different requirements, but there is a very specific legal process for cell records that must be followed. It’s important not only to preserve the records and obtain them, but for them to be admissible as evidence in court proceedings. Without the appropriate cell phone legal compliance, whatever the cellphone witness has to share may not be usable.

After obtaining the records, the investigator can begin cell mapping and locating cellular location (s). The phone doesn’t necessary move when the signal bounces to different towers so it is a painstaking process. Here at we have provided cellular location evidence showing that the accused was not in a specific area as well as evidence suggesting that the accused was in a specific location. We don’t look for proof of innocence or guilt, we look for and provide accurate and true facts.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations