Cellular Forensic Data ExtractionWhen Arthur contacted us at , he was perplexed about his wife of 27 years whose personality had changed, her marital demeanor had changed, her sexual needs seemed to require more of an aggressive manner and her choice of provocative clothing was different than her previously conservative nature.  She was currently the breadwinner; he was the stay-at-home husband for the last three years taking care of their five children, two of whom were in college and the other three in high school.   She was a high-powered executive with a big corporation and traveled quite frequently on business.  Arthur equated the changes to a possible affair.  Her company cell phone was usually by her side.   Occasionally Arthur had the opportunity to scroll through the emails and text messages but everything was always business, including her travel schedules.   He engaged our services to conduct a background investigation of his wife, just to see if we could find any red flags.  Arthur knew his wife had a business account and a personal account in which she used while on business for non-reimbursement items.  Neither account was in his name, so therefore we were unable to obtain any information.  Since her vehicle was registered in both names and was marital property, we covertly placed a GPS tracking device on it which gave Arthur and our investigators her current and historical locations.

We watched her for over a month but found nothing suspicious, no sign of an extramarital affair.  Arthur was beginning to question if our investigative strategies were accurate and effective.    Then early one morning he called us in a tizzy, he found a cellphone in the luggage she had packed for a trip the following day and needed cell phone forensics services. Arthur was instructed to bring the device to our office where our cellular forensic lab could create a forensic image of the internal memory after breaking the four digit passcode.     He was then able to return his wife’s secret cellphone to her luggage before she returned home from the office.    While she was on a four-day business trip, our cellular forensic lab was able to analyze the cellular data, including deleted data, text messages, photos, videos and phone contact logs.   Tracking cell phone activity.  This was a “burner phone” she purchased it along with prepaid minutes that she paid cash for, therefore no records.  The PUZZLE was solved:   our forensic data recovery team revealed a long-term sexual relationship with a fellow corporate executive who usually accompanied her on the “Business Trips”. He was married too, with a large family and had his own “burner phone”.   They exchanged many “loving texts” sexually explicit photos videos of them at various locations during their “trysts”.  It was determined from the information obtained their long-range plan for when their children were all out of the house, to dump their respective spouses and how they were going to hide their assets so they wouldn’t have to share when they filed for divorce.   Needless to say, , referred Arthur to the best family law attorney who had divorce documents waiting for his wife when she returned from her business trip.  The cell phone forensic data recovery was performed in an evidentiary manner, which would hold up in a court of law as evidence.   She and her lover were smart to use “burner phones” as their employer’s IT department monitored all data communications and would not have approved of their personal relationship. But, they didn’t outwit her husband or our Investigation.

– Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations ~

– Brenda McGinley, Director of Operations ~