when cellphone ping and spyware won't workHerb called International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. in a panic one morning. His wife of 7 years told him she was visiting her sister again in another town approximately 200 miles away. He called her sister about an unrelated issue and that was when Herb found out that his sister-in-law had not seen his wife for quite some time.  Angry that he had been lied to, he insisted we ping her cellphone to find out where she was! We told him we only cell ping for Licensed Bail Bond Recovery Agents looking for a fugitive.  He then wanted us to remotely install spy cell phone software on her phone so he could listen to her conversations (spy on a cell phone) and know her GPS locations. We told him that was a Federal crime in the US and we could not install mobile phone spying software on her phone. He said, why not, there are internet listings for purchasing cellphone spyware? He further stated he paid for the cellphone plan,  it was marital property and they were cohabitating.  Still illegal according to Title III, Chapter 18, USC 2510-2520 Federal eavesdropping statutes. We suggested that when she finally returned home he should confiscate the phone and send it to our high-level computer and cellular forensic analyst.

Our forensics data recovery experts could extract everything that she deleted, including phone contacts, text messages, photos, videos and possible emails.  He did so and within a week he knew all about her promiscuous activities when she was supposedly visiting her sister. Three different boyfriends, swinger parties, and future plans. They lived in a State that had “no fault” divorce laws and adultery was not a condition for divorce.   But he learned the truth and “knowing the truth set him free”.

-C. Tim Wilcox, CEO, International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc.