Cell phone spyware best left to the professionalsThese days people are having conversations all over the place – even private conversations in open public places. However, there may come a time when you suspect someone has information from a mobile phone conversation that wasn’t made in a public place. There is no cell phone listening device to make that possible, but there is software called spyware or malware that can be installed onto your mobile phone without your knowledge.

In a recent article at Forbes, writer Andy Greenberg provides information about detecting spyware on cell phones based on a presentation by former Pentagon contractor Michael Robinson.

They make it sound like an easy task to identify spyware on your phone and get rid of it. However, an astute reader will catch that Robinson used some pretty advanced techniques and software to uncover the tiny bits of code that led him to the spyware.

What Greenberg failed to mention was that all the software that is purchased to install on a cell phone to spy on its owner is illegal in the United States. He names the cellphone spyware programs and explains that they are pretty shoddy products.

Although he makes it sound easy to find and get rid of spyware on your phone, it’s really not that easy and, if you are like most people, you aren’t knowledgeable enough about programming to be certain you’ve uncovered and removed all the spyware code.

Spyware detection and removal is best left to the mobile phone forensics experts.  has been detecting and removing spyware for many years now. In fact, it houses one of only a few cellphone forensics labs in the nation capable of detecting, removing and potentially identifying the source of the spyware. With the lab protocol for the process, the evidence that forensic analysts are able to provide is admissible in court. Their expertise is also accepted in court testimony.

Let the cellphone forensic professionals solve the riddle if you suspect spyware has been installed on your mobile phone.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations