Cell Phone Pings for Fugitive Recovery and Bail Bond AgentsWe recently got a call from a Bail Bond Recovery Agency, the fugitive recovery agent had a guy who skipped out on a $10,000.00 Bond. They had contacted his mother who would not provide them with any information, even though she obtained the bond for her son.  She was closed mouth and had become irate with them because they were doing their job, to make sure her son appeared in court.  They had received calls from him and he would always promise to appear the next court date, and the next court date was less than two weeks away.  They knew he wouldn’t show and they knew they would be responsible for the bond amount if he didn’t. A Bail Bonds Recovery Agent knows all the tricks, but to implement them can be somewhat difficult.  That’s why assisting in Bail Bond Recovery has become a part of International Investigators services.  We like to call it finding a missing person, one who has gone off the grid and hiding out or being hidden and these tend to be quite difficult.

There are many factors that come into play and many hoops to jump through to obtain a cell phone location.  The fugitive recovery agents first must provide a copy of their license and Forfeiture of Bail Bond document.  We will also need to know the name of the fugitive, the address he reported when he obtained the Bond and the telephone number he is using.  If the phone is not linked to him, then if possible, the name of the person it is registered to.

International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. can Ping their cell phones between 7AM and 7PM Eastern Time.

So when the bail bond recovery agency provided us with this information we were able to locate the fugitive.  He was hiding out in his mother’s condo.  We provided the fugitive recovery agent with the address and they observed him leave the condo, get into a car and drive to the beach.  It was just another stolen day of freedom for the fugitive, but a good day for the bail bond recovery agent.  He got his guy and he will be now be present for his day in court.

-T. Wilcox, CEO International Investigators

-B. McGinley, Director of Investigations, International Investigators