Cell Phone Forensics Provides Relief to this HusbandA very distraught man contacted recently asking if we could do a mobile phone forensics analysis. He’d been married 19 years and his wife was acting “funny.” How? He had a list:

  • She was whispering on her cell phone
  • She was keeping her cell phone in her pocket or purse or somewhere close to her at all times
  • She was texting – something she didn’t normally do a lot
  • She would get a call and walk away or out of the room to talk

He confronted her, thinking she was having an extramarital affair. She denied it, but he was not convinced.

He had tried to get text data from the carrier, but learned he was not able to get that information without a subpoena. There’s a legal process for cell records including a specific legal wording for cell records and he said he thought the subpoena language for cell records would probably require an attorney. Besides that, we also let him know that he wouldn’t be able to get the content of texts from the service carrier, only a list of when texts went out or came in. He wanted more.

We explained that even if the user thinks texts are deleted, they cannot be completely deleted from the device. Cell phone forensics can actually provide the contents of text messages. He wanted forensic cellular evidence that would tell him the truth, because he didn’t think he was getting the truth from his wife.

In order to get that information, we completed a mobile phone analysis using phone forensic software and a set protocol in our lab and extracted the text data he requested.

Was his wife cheating? Did he get what he wanted?

The secret she was keeping was a family problem and she was embarrassed by what was happening on her side of the family. It’s nice to know that sometimes when we provide wireless forensics services the results are something that can be resolved.

In this case, the husband was relieved and doesn’t have to worry and lose sleep any longer. If you’re losing sleep, maybe it’s time to get to the truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations