Cell Phone Forensics and the Little ThumbprintHere at we conduct a lot of mobile device forensics. We have included cellular location evidence in our findings and used cellular tower triangulation, too. Of course, cell phone spying is a continuing issue and we do a lot of cell phone hack detection and removal of the mobile spy.

Wireless forensics include cell phone records analysis and cell phone tracking. We take pride in the fact that we are on the cutting edge and have so much experience that we have “seen it all.”

That’s why when we read an article about a group of armed robbers on the rampage in the Cleveland area and saw how cell phone forensics were used to catch them we were not surprised.

One of the robbers was using a flashlight on his cell phone as he was robbing and then using duct tape to tie him up. He was also recording a video, although he didn’t know it. When the man was arrested for selling guns out of the trunk of his car, his cell phone was part of the evidence collected from a backpack also in the trunk.

Although the video was on the phone, there were no images of the robbers, only the victim. However, the robbers thumb was photographed. The police were able to pull a fingerprint from the video and therefore, identify the perpetrator.

Cell phone forensics has been taken to a new level with this one. It just goes to show you that cell phone forensics is still on the cutting edge – and just what can be possible. Phone forensic software will probably advance on this new use.

And here at we can add one more piece of information and strategy to our toolbox.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations