Marital Infidelity

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    When Divorce Threatens Your Financial Future, an Investigation May Level the Field

When Divorce Threatens Your Financial Future, an Investigation May Level the Field

When Kimberly contacted International Investigators, she tearfully explained that she was very sure that her husband was having an affair. At first she thought, “I’ll just follow my husband,” but after a few days of the cloak and dagger, she saw she didn’t have the time or experience to do it right. And, if she did uncover more signs of infidelity, what would she do with them?

Kim and her husband resided on a 1,200-acre farm. They were surrounded by flat, open land. There was no way for a member of the International Investigators team to conduct surveillance without being easily detected. After all, if Kim’s husband was indeed a guilty guy, guilty guys constantly look over their shoulder.

In addition to the extramarital affair, Kim [...]

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    When You Simply Must Locate Someone, the Cell Phone Ping Works Wonders

When You Simply Must Locate Someone, the Cell Phone Ping Works Wonders

Thanks to TV when the public thinks of bail bondsmen they think of Dog, the Bounty Hunter. The people who track down fugitives are more aptly called recovery agents. And International Investigators works with recovery agents as they go about their job.

The major obstacle confronting recovery agents is that the person they are seeking is trying their best to hide. And they could be hiding anywhere. But with the investigative techniques available today, International Investigators is able to locate many of the fugitives for the recovery agents. We are definitely a resource they count on to “get their man (or woman).”

One of our techniques is “Pinging cell phones.”  A ping tracks the location of a cell phone by tracking the last signal. To actuate [...]

When Your Quest is Truth; Hire a Private Investigator

Law officers and ambulance drivers, emergency room doctors and defense attorneys often boast that they see the weirdest of the weird. But sometimes the weird stories can be added to the discussion by adjustors for insurance companies.

One particular story involves an adjustor in Colorado and her claimant, who insisted that her vehicle had dropped into a vertical mine shift. Knowing that the police department had no time to search endless acres of rocky terrain in the area of Baily, Colorado, the adjustor called on a private investigator. She asked the private investigator to do everything they could to locate the missing vehicle and solve the fishy-sounding story. After many long hours and long days of searching the rough terrain in off-road vehicles, the investigators [...]

Know When to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

With half of all marriages in America ending in divorce, it won’t surprise you, I’m sure, to learn that in 65% of marriages, there is a cheating spouse – either currently involved in an extramarital affair or been involved in marriage infidelity in the past.

In many instances, even when you feel you have evidence to prove yourself 100% correct in your suspicions, cheating spouses may vehemently deny the allegations. If you have been together for a long time and share children and deep family ties, it’s very difficult to walk out on a whim.

Don’t agonize and worry. Don’t try to second guess what is or isn’t going on when you talk to your attorney. International Investigators has been in the business of private investigations [...]

Asset Investigation Uncovers Unexpected Truth

During a divorce, assets come into focus. Spouses – both husbands and wives often take steps that could have long-term implications.

If one spouse is hiding money in a divorce, the other spouse may be denied a fair settlement. On the other hand, hidden bank accounts or stock accounts that are subsequently located through an asset investigation could result in even greater loss than if the hidden money was originally disclosed.

Take for instance a case in Tennessee. It was a high asset divorce case with a prenuptial agreement. The wife was accused of installing spyware on her husband's computer in an effort to manipulate emails to show he was guilty of marital infidelity and had unknown bank accounts.

The pre-nup said she would receive 75% of [...]

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    Divorce and Children: Investigations of Marital Infidelity Used in Child Custody Decisions

Divorce and Children: Investigations of Marital Infidelity Used in Child Custody Decisions

What starts with a request from one spouse for International Investigators to find proof of a cheating spouse or other marital infidelity often expands into another area: child custody.

The requests to find evidence of an extramarital affair by an unfaithful wife or unfaithful husband continue to surge, which is why we have much experience in this area. Many times, one spouse is already talking with an attorney and they already believe there have been signs of an affair and just need evidence.

Other times, it is not a secret affair or a desire to catch a cheating spouse. It could be financial or personal infidelity. Little (or not so little) lies or secrecy surrounding finances or activities could be the impetus for surveillance as well.

And [...]

Child Custody and the Unfaithful Wife

You were married and had children. You never thought it was even in your vocabulary to be asking someone to “follow my wife” or considered you have a wife cheating on you. But here you are talking to an attorney about your suspicions about a cheating spouse.

He’s asking whether or not you have seen signs of a cheating spouse and all the ways to catch a cheating spouse. You feel numb and you know your eyes are glazing over – because while you loved that woman, your heart aches for your children.

If divorce is inevitable, your home life will change drastically and so will the life you have worked so hard to build for your children. All of a sudden, child custody is what [...]

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    International Investigators Provides Objective Evidence of Marital Infidelity

International Investigators Provides Objective Evidence of Marital Infidelity

Every single time couples smile and say “I do,” they are hoping to beat  the odds that half of all marriages in this country end in divorce. There are many reasons why relationships go so sour, but one of the more prevalent reasons why couples race to divorce court is marital infidelity.

Although studies show that women are more forgiving of an affair,but  it’s often impossible to save a marriage after an unfaithful husband has had an extramarital affair.

Once there is a suspicion of a wife having an affair or signs of infidelity, it grows and grows into a great divide. That’s when International Investigators gets a call from an emotional spouse asking us to “follow my wife” or “catch a cheating spouse” or “prove [...]

10 Signs of A Cheating Spouse Can Also be a Wake-up Call

According to relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carl, 61% of spouses remain in marriages even when they suspect their husbands or wives are having an affair. Sadly, especially among women, they don’t have much beyond vague concerns of marital infidelity or have any evidence of their husband cheating. Don’t allow that to be the way you live your life.

With tools and techniques to investigate cell phone and computer history, and a multitude of other cheating spouse surveillance options, International Investigators can help you get back your sanity. While you mull over whether you are ready to make that confidential call to our office, here are 10 signs of a cheating spouse, specifically an unfaithful husband:

He is away from home for unexplained reasons. He is vague [...]

Statistics Show That Cheating Spouses Are Common

Because we’re big believers in utilizing as many resources as possible when you find yourself in need of information and facts, we wanted to share the following statistics with you:

In 45 % of marriages in America, one or both spouses admit to marital infidelity
57 % of married men admit to being a cheating husband
54 % of married women admit to being a cheating wife
36 % of cheating spouses enter into a secret affair with a co-worker
Extramarital affairs occur 36 % of the time during business trips
17 % of cheating spouses are having affairs with their brother or sister-in-laws.
The average length of an extramarital affair is two years
Only 31 % of marriages recover from infidelity

Now if you happen to be reading this information with a [...]