Handwriting Analysis

Today’s Investigative Skills

Unfortunately, some people continue to hold onto old stereotypes. Uninformed members of the general public still envision a private investigator as a trench coat-wearing figure, hiding behind a newspaper in a motel lobby. Of course, more informed members of the community, those who actually stay in touch with the times, know better. They not only know, they deeply respect the fact that many private investigators are amazingly talented researchers.

We have many resources at our fingertips. We also have the ability to think fast on our feet. The investigators in this firm are all of those things plus a lot more. Intellectually, we are at the top. At International Investigators, we take great pride in our skill sets and our track record. Most of the [...]

Missing Person Investigation is Search for Identity Thief

Until Maria was denied a marriage license, she had no idea that someone had stolen her identity. For sure she never imagined a need for a private investigator like International Investigators.

According to Maria, detectives from the local police department moved too slowly when she reported the alleged crime. Identity theft is often put at the bottom of the case load due to so many other more violent crimes. The authorities didn’t devote much time to investigating her case. And because of that, Maria worried that she and her fiance would be forced to cancel their wedding and lose the large deposit already paid to the reception hall.

Trying to assist a client with identity theft is very similar in many ways to a missing person [...]

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    Effective Investigators Keep Wide Array of Resources at Their Fingertips

Effective Investigators Keep Wide Array of Resources at Their Fingertips

Once viewed as rather mysterious types who hide behind binoculars and frequently conduct dumpster dives for clues, private investigators have finally made their professional presence in the world. The truth is that private investigators have always been persistent, highly professional and intuitive in their quest for the truth. But now, we add technological advancements, such as digital forensics.

Well-informed professionals, such as business owners, attorneys and government officials are educated about the impressive skill set offered by International Investigators. Our list of clients and referral sources has changed right along with the old stereotypes.

As necessary, we provide skills from “yesterday's investigations,” such as surveillance and the face-to-face interviews necessary to gather information. We add new skills, such as digital forensics, social media engineering and research [...]

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    Do You Need a Handwriting Analyst or a Computer Forensics Analyst?

Do You Need a Handwriting Analyst or a Computer Forensics Analyst?

Forgery isn’t always a signature. Generally speaking, forgery is creating a false copy in an effort to defraud someone or something. Through the years, International Investigators has seen that something to be valuable; money, land, custody or control.

A New York man was charged with felonies in two states for allegedly forging checks. But it wasn’t the signature that was forged – it was the amounts of the checks. The signatures were valid, but he was able to cash 13 checks for more than $8,000 over the original check amount.

With handwritten checks, it is possible to complete a thorough handwriting analysis to determine if the maker of the check actually wrote the amounts on the check. Sometimes, in medium-sized businesses, the bookkeeper might make out [...]

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    When an Investigation Takes a Turn, International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. Has the Experts

When an Investigation Takes a Turn, International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. Has the Experts

There is so much to say about employee theft and employee embezzlement investigations that it is difficult to sort it out into just one topic. And that’s what we find the clients of International Investigators count on us for when they call. We are a one-stop service provider, we can provide whatever services are needed – here, in-house. Our clients don’t have to go to one service provider for handwriting analysis, another for covert surveillance and yet one other for computer forensic analysis or cell tower triangulation. International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. does it all and this is why that is so very important:

The attorney for a medium-sized small business contacted our office. His client was the company owner.  The owner had caught [...]

Investigations and Social Security Numbers

Few people think much about their social security number, other than protecting it from identity thieves. But the actual number was – in the past – very telling.

International Investigators conducts a lot of investigation of specific people for a wide variety of reasons:

A missing person investigation
An identity theft
An asset search
Due diligence for personal or professional reasons
Insurance fraud

And a social security number can be a source of leads and information. But a relatively recent change adds some new challenges – and opportunities. The first three digits of a social security number used to stand for something specific. Each state had a certain series of numbers and other groups, like railroad workers, their social security number always began with digits from 700 – 728. That’s because [...]

Handwriting Analyst Can Reveal Forged Signatures

The recent case of two inmates convicted of murder walking out of a Florida prison easily with forged release papers brings to light how common forgery is today. No one questioned the documents and out they walked.

I read that the forgery accounts for 1.7% of the crime in America during the last decade. That might not seem huge, but it ranks almost equal with embezzlement (1.9%). Robbery, which you hear about every night on the news, comes in at 9%. But that puts the incidence of forgeries in perspective – there is a lot of it happening.

Forgery can be a lot of things, but in the end, it is used to get something by illegal means. Before the prolific use of debit and credit [...]

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    Forensic Examiner Resolves Case with Handwriting Analyst Investigation

Forensic Examiner Resolves Case with Handwriting Analyst Investigation

We could hear someone sobbing in the background. The attorney on the phone said he was with a very distraught client and wondered if we thought International Investigators could help. The client had fathered a child with a woman and she had died. They were engaged to be married and the little girl was the center of their lives, but the father wasn’t in a position at that moment to take custody of the child. So while he was getting a new life in order for him as a parent, he accepted the offer of her parents to take care of the baby.

He’d done it all – moved, gotten a new job that paid more, arranged for daycare and had even set up a [...]

Handwriting Analyst Can Reveal Forgery

Forgeries of paintings may be the stuff of movies, but forgery of signature on documents happens more often than the public realizes.

For example, International Investigators recently had an inquiry about a home that was being sold on a lease-to-rent agreement. The original tenant/buyer died during the term of the sales agreement. His sister and her husband, who had lived with him for the last several months of his life, were not parties to the agreement. However, when the landlord/seller went to the property to discuss the situation, the sister produced a signed sales contract between her, her brother (the original tenant/buyer) and the landlord/seller and his wife outlining different terms for the sale.

Their attorney contacted us because they believed that someone had forged signatures [...]