There are Many Facets to Investigations Surrounding Divorce

Sadly, our society is far too familiar with the end of marriages. Divorce rates in this country tell us that more than half of all unions will result in divorce. No matter how unhappy they might be spouses often suffer as they struggle to disengage. Their families, too, experience emotional pain and loss when a couple calls it quits.

Some spouses, however, are so committed to saving a rocky commitment that they will try every avenue before they finally give up. Very often, marital infidelity is that last straw for knowing when to throw in the towel.

Our team at International Investigators provides clients with the highest level of confidentiality and sensitivity. When we are hired to prove their instincts about a cheating spouse wrong or [...]

Computer Forensics Fights Back

It happens.

A disgruntled employee or maybe an ex-spouse posts a pornographic photograph on the web and claims that you are the person in that photo. Immediately, you begin to suffer the consequences of this vicious action. Something of this nature will of course negatively affect your professional life as well as your personal relationships. But how can you possibly fight back and clear your name?

If these actions were taken on computers in your company or in your home, where you and your spouse both accessed them and you have ownership, the good news is that you have the opportunity to find the evidence you need to clear your name. Instead of immediately contacting police and waiting, your other, faster option is to contact a [...]

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    When Divorce Threatens Your Financial Future, an Investigation May Level the Field

When Divorce Threatens Your Financial Future, an Investigation May Level the Field

When Kimberly contacted International Investigators, she tearfully explained that she was very sure that her husband was having an affair. At first she thought, “I’ll just follow my husband,” but after a few days of the cloak and dagger, she saw she didn’t have the time or experience to do it right. And, if she did uncover more signs of infidelity, what would she do with them?

Kim and her husband resided on a 1,200-acre farm. They were surrounded by flat, open land. There was no way for a member of the International Investigators team to conduct surveillance without being easily detected. After all, if Kim’s husband was indeed a guilty guy, guilty guys constantly look over their shoulder.

In addition to the extramarital affair, Kim [...]

Objective Asset Search Alleviates Some Pressure in Divorce

Quite often in a divorce proceeding, one spouse may suspect the other of hiding assets. Also common, one spouse is self-employed and the wife (in the majority of cases) has limited knowledge of income and investments. Hiring a private investigator is very often the key to insuring yourself a fair settlement. A private investigator will utilize a variety of investigative techniques to locate hidden accounts and find hidden assets. There are many scenarios that can play out, including:

One spouse may be in collusion with an employer or business partner to delay or hide bonuses, raises or stock options until divorce proceedings are complete.
Financial statements and tax returns seem to need more study.
Investigating the possibility of divorce assets being hidden by dumping money in a [...]

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    Computer Forensic Analysis is a Tool for Divorce Attorneys and Clients

Computer Forensic Analysis is a Tool for Divorce Attorneys and Clients

Computer forensic investigators are bloodhounds for evidence of the truth. The truth could be evidence of a corporate crime or something as personal as relationships between spouses.

Divorce attorneys contact International Investigators often with different requests. One case recently involved a forensic computer analysis.

The wife felt trapped in a marriage to a wealthy professional. Everyone thought he was a nice guy who did well at his job and provided a great home. In fact, he drank every night, spent time in his home office and would then go out for a few hours. She considered him a high-functioning alcoholic and was just waiting for the late-night phone call saying he’d been arrested for DUI or worse, had been part of an accident.

She was looking for [...]

Cell Tower Triangulation Provides Evidence of Innocence

Another interesting case International Investigators recently investigated was centered in a child custody battle. A police officer and his wife in Iowa were divorcing and both wanted custody of their two children.

The wife accused the officer of harassing her by sending threatening text messages. He was on the verge of losing any custodial rights as well as his job when his attorney contacted us.

Proving no harassing activity on his phone was moot in this situation because it could be alleged that he was using prepaid phones, not his, for the messages.

Our team went to work. First, through cell phone forensics we were able to identify the source of the calls then we requested the records data for those phones from the service providers. At [...]

Know When to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

With half of all marriages in America ending in divorce, it won’t surprise you, I’m sure, to learn that in 65% of marriages, there is a cheating spouse – either currently involved in an extramarital affair or been involved in marriage infidelity in the past.

In many instances, even when you feel you have evidence to prove yourself 100% correct in your suspicions, cheating spouses may vehemently deny the allegations. If you have been together for a long time and share children and deep family ties, it’s very difficult to walk out on a whim.

Don’t agonize and worry. Don’t try to second guess what is or isn’t going on when you talk to your attorney. International Investigators has been in the business of private investigations [...]

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    Don’t Let a Spouse Hiding Money in a Divorce Lead to an Unfair Settlement

Don’t Let a Spouse Hiding Money in a Divorce Lead to an Unfair Settlement

Women are frequently very passive in their marriages, allowing the husbands to “call the shots” financially. And very often, women find themselves in the dark regarding family finances. If you anticipate divorce or you are already in the midst of filing or being served with divorce proceedings, this is absolutely NOT the time to sit back and believe whatever is said. Though the end of a marriage is highly emotional, it can be financially devastating, too.

When it comes to financial settlements and property division, it’s not uncommon for spouses to try to hide assets in divorce. This is the time for you to take action to uncover unknown assets or missing assets.

International Investigators has a vast array of resources to find hidden assets. Asset [...]

Asset Investigation Uncovers Unexpected Truth

During a divorce, assets come into focus. Spouses – both husbands and wives often take steps that could have long-term implications.

If one spouse is hiding money in a divorce, the other spouse may be denied a fair settlement. On the other hand, hidden bank accounts or stock accounts that are subsequently located through an asset investigation could result in even greater loss than if the hidden money was originally disclosed.

Take for instance a case in Tennessee. It was a high asset divorce case with a prenuptial agreement. The wife was accused of installing spyware on her husband's computer in an effort to manipulate emails to show he was guilty of marital infidelity and had unknown bank accounts.

The pre-nup said she would receive 75% of [...]

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    Hidden Asset Search Investigator Plays Big Part in Divorce Cases

Hidden Asset Search Investigator Plays Big Part in Divorce Cases

In our many years providing asset investigations and recovery services for attorneys and their clients, International Investigators has accumulated volumes of experience and knowledge. That’s why we are known as a premier Indiana asset search investigator. One of the reasons attorneys are quick to call us when they see assets in divorce is because we are experts in all the ways spouses try hiding money in a divorce.

According to, 80% of divorces involve one spouse who is actively seeking the divorce while the other spouse does not want to dissolve the marriage. Guess which one of those people will react with anger and resentment. Yes, it is most often the person who is being left behind. Maybe it’s just human nature to show [...]