Ceiling Smoke DetectorAfter years of providing investigative services, here at , there are some things we understand. When someone’s home is burgled, the residents often lose the feeling of being safe and secure. But when someone’s homes is invaded twice in a very short time frame, that fear is mixed with confusion and uncertainty. Sandy* had moved out of her home after the second incident. She was afraid, and not quite sure why the burglary had been repeated.

In each instance, some possessions had been taken: a computer, some collectibles, and then some things like BlueRay movies, CDs and even a few books. It didn’t make sense to her and it sounded unusual to us, too.

Since there was a chance the home would be invaded again, especially since she had moved out, motion-activated listening devices and surveillance equipment were installed strategically throughout the house.

We also conducted a thorough interview with Sandy to determine what else was going on in her life both personally and professionally.

  • Personally, this independent professional woman had recently started up a relationship with an equally self-sufficient man who owned his own business. She was very happy with their growing relationship, although she knew little about his background, or the business he had.
  • Professionally, it was public knowledge that she was being considered for a promotion into a C-level position with the public company where she had spent the last 18 years of her career. Privately, she had already accepted the position and the announcement was expected any day.

When it was suggested that a background investigation be done on her beau, she was taken aback. She felt that that was rather cold, like she would be conducting due diligence on a potential employment candidate. We explained that sometimes, in order to protect one’s self, the due diligence process was as applicable in a personal relationship as in a professional relationship.

Being the practical woman she was, Sandy agreed saying that in addition to a routine employment background check, perhaps a criminal background check was in order as well. So the investigation began, including a financial investigation and a business asset search as well.

Sandy was completely surprised by the outcome of the investigation. Her beau had not told her the truth. So now, not only was she afraid to stay in her home, she felt her confidence shaken by being taken in by, in her words, “this rogue.”

In her disappointment, she started saying how she had felt he was perfect for her because he just seemed to fit in with every part of her life. He liked the same things from authors and movies to wine and even her favorite colors. She asked, “How could something that perfect be so very wrong?”

It was from that conversation that the investigator mindset started tingling. How indeed?

Even though it wasn’t clear how she would respond, a bug sweep was suggested. Technically, a bug sweep is called TSCM or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. First step was to remove the listening devices and surveillance equipment that had been installed. Then the TSCM sweep was conducted. You know what was found. Several bugs. One tucked into a fire detector.

Sandy was shocked. She realized that she had been set up. She contacted an attorney and they took it from there.

Apparently the burglar had mostly left things behind.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations


*name changed