child care in daycare or cr???che by nanny or au pair parentingWhen Marcy and Darren decided to hire a nanny, they went about the process just like they did when they hired any other contractor, plumber, etc. Once they narrowed the choices, they asked for resumes and references. Then they set time aside to check work records and contact references. They made decisions and moved right along to the next thing in life.

But then Marcy saw an interesting but disturbing news story. A couple in Florida had hired an older woman to be a nanny for their three young children. Before making the decision, they checked the woman’s references, and they especially liked that the applicant was older, nearly 60, in fact. They hired her. But a few weeks after the new nanny moved in, she stopped doing the job she had agreed to do.

The children got to school late. She bought fast food when the agreement was that she would prepare all meals at home. When the couple tried to speak with her about the lapses, she complained that she was ill. In fact, she was too ill to follow through with many of her responsibilities. The situation quickly turned into a stand-off and the couple fired her. But their agreement required them to let the nanny remain in the family’s home and collect a salary for several more weeks.

After Marcy shared the article with her husband, they made a decision to change their hiring process. knows the value of due diligence in business as well as personal matters. Especially in the case of child care workers, due diligence checklist should include:

  • Background investigation
  • Criminal background check
  • Employment background check
  • National background checks

Statistics show that resumes contain many elaborations and untruths and the only references people provide for prospective employers are those that would be positive, if not glowing. While businesses are worried about theft by employees and other dishonest or destructive behaviors for a business, personal employers should be equally as on guard for caregivers for their children.

Contact when you need to perform due diligence. Don’t put your business or your family at risk.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations