Divorce Tablet Means Custody Split Assets And LawyersIt’s not always at the divorce table that potentially ex-spouses try to hide money and assets from each other. No, at we have learned that many married people have secret accounts and other financial activities that their spouse does not know about – sometimes even throughout the entire span of the marriage. Every marriage is different and each spouse is unique, so we don’t rule anything out.

In a divorce situation, attorneys generally pursue complete disclosure of the financial assets, but clients are forewarned to be proactive and expose any hidden money, locate hidden stocks or missing assets that should clearly be included in the deposition of assets in divorce.

Being aware of some of the methods and resources used by , individual clients may help clients from being victimized. Here are some ways to locate hidden assets:

  • Review the tax returns. Look for evidence of trusts, stocks, accounts, real estate and partnerships.
  • Review account statements and cancelled checks (usually available electronically for at least the last statement period). Look for regular payments for things you don’t know about, real estate purchases, large purchases or even checks to people you don’t know or to other accounts.
  • Check your credit report. Look for inquiries from other creditors. Look for credit cards or accounts you don’t know about. Look for payments to creditors for assets you don’t recognize, perhaps a boat, motorcycle, RV, car or truck.
  • Check public records. Any real estate purchases, property taxes paid or liens on your property will be noted.
  • Take note of frequent and intense conversations with friends or even your spouse’s boss. It’s not unusual for a boss to delay a bonus or raise to prevent it from being included in the divorce assets. Also, friends are likely to “help out” by creating debts that are actually a rouse to hide cash.
  • Watch credit card use. If there is a boyfriend or girlfriend in the picture, purchases made to buy them things or for rent, vacation or other expenses could show up on the statements.

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-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations