American PoliticsHave you considered throwing your hat in the political ring? Maybe to be a school board member? A police chief? A Mayor? Or a state representative?

Before you make that decision, you might want to take a quiet little walk down memory lane. If you’re in your wise old fifties or sixties, you might not remember every single place you’ve visited along that lane. And that, my friend, could lead to a big nightmare for you and everyone you love.

And so, before you subject yourself to the unforgiving spotlight of public scrutiny, consider making a phone call that will help you hold onto your sanity. Contact the professionals at , to conduct a thorough background investigation on you, our client.

Now initially that might sound a little bit ridiculous. But when municipal employers, corporations and volunteer organizations conduct a criminal background search and an employment background check on their applicants, it is reasonable that the same would be conducted for anyone in a leadership position in a community.

What better time is there to check your closet with a background investigation than in the decision-making process? Remember, we have the technological know-how to dig up your past like you can’t. Do you really want to chance the very real possibility that your contender doesn’t have the access that we have? Wouldn’t you like to know before anyone else does, if a few skeletons in your closet can dance in newspaper headlines?

  • With our resources, our private investigators can search your history, all the way back to the time you were caught with marijuana during your freshman year of college.
  • We can find out if your financial records reflect that time in 1992, when your car was repossessed.
  • We will even dig up the aggravated battery charge from 1999, when a drunk guy at a restaurant took a swing at you. But you went to jail right along with him.

And once we dig up all of these snippets from your past, you can decide whether to go public with them or wait to see if your opponent’s investigators are as thorough and expert as we are.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations