There are many websites that claim they can find anyone, obtain dates of births, social security numbers, address, relatives, employment, associates, civil and criminal histories. Many of those sites advertise as being free, just insert a bit of information and the results will be immediate. We have tested many sites with results that are far from accurate and the results are not free. When we obtained a report on an individual on one site their data inputting process repeatedly stated the information contained is graphic and embarrassing and contains sensitive information and the person being search could be on the FBI watch list. Then they ask that you click a tab that states the information obtained should not be used in an illegal manner. This is a technique commonly used as a sales pitch or scare tactic to get you to continue through the process.

You will see reviews from individuals about how great the service was, how they were able to use the information in a positive way, or how they used the information on an individual from a dating site. When the report is completed, you are then requested to become a member and provide your payment information on their site. These online websites have no way of knowing how the information they provide, whether partly accurate or inaccurate, is being used. There is no accountability in this process. Not only does it not protect the person being searched, but a website also cannot determine who they are providing the information too. When a background check is conducted from our company, we verify the reason for the request, if the request is made for pre-employment, we obtain an authorization to release form from the prospective employee. If the request is made from a law firm, we know that sensitive information is secure and will be used in a legal manner. If requested by the private sector, we have a signed agreement on file and the sensitive information provided is verified and truncated for privacy issues.

Take a look at a comparison chart below.

All in Investigations Background Check Infographic

A good background report is run by an individual’s social security number or a date of birth, name, and address. Hiring a Private Investigative Company who has access to a highly respected paid database used solely for investigators, law firms and government agencies prevents false information from being reported.