Background Checks are a Necessary Investigative ToolAre employment background checks worth the cost for the employer? Does a criminal background search pull up all records? Is a background investigation necessary? Yes, yes and yes. There are many background check services and finding one that conducts verified information searches is important. With the introduction of online background checks, so many people skip the relationship with a brick and mortar company due to expenses. But are they accurate? No, not always and they should never be used in certain employment positions or personal situations. There are too many factors involved with online searches that could produce false results. A good background investigation begins with the verification of the individual’s social security number, is it correct? For determination, you need to know when it was issued and what state issued the SSN. Anyone 18 years and older was issued an SSN in the state they resided at the time of application or the time of birth.

Today, numbers are not allocated by the state of residency, which will make future investigations a little harder, but for now, that is one way to determine if an individual is actually using the correct number. Criminal and Civil Record searches should be conducted by each county they have resided for the past seven (7) to ten (10) years and run by all names linked to the individual. National background checks are ineffective due to reporting of counties into their own state databases. A background check may require a financial investigation depending on the needs of the Client. Background checks encompass many areas of investigation and when a company offers a wide spectrum of investigations, it’s good to reach out to them for all your investigative needs. has been in business for over 50 years and the list of services provided can be found at

So if you find yourself wanting to know a little more about a prospective employee, or that person you met online or the person you are about to marry, make sure you really know everything you need to before making any decision to hire them, or meet up with them or even walk down the aisle with them.

~Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations