Attorneys Can’t be Experts in Everything Including Hidden Asset InvestigationHere at we work with a lot of attorneys. One thing we can say is that most every attorney we work with wants to do the best job they can for their clients. And they know that they aren’t an expert on every situation that is brought to them – they can’t be because the world is such a broad and diverse place.

If an attorney wants to be the best, they have to access all the resources available and many times, what they need is more than the limited resources they have available in-house. Yes, they have libraries and some research staff, but we know we can add immensely to their information to best represent their client. Many of their searches involve asset investigations and recovery or finding hidden bank accounts, stock accounts or hidden retirement funds.  Locating hidden assets and undertaking an asset investigation can be complex task, without experience and appropriate resources, a researcher can easily come up empty handed.

Their cases could include a personal asset search or a business asset search, which is why they can’t be experts on everything from locating assets in divorce to the ways to find international accounts or even undertake a nationwide asset search.

We get the call after they fail to locate hidden assets through their internal sources. We can usually find what they need and provide it to them. Not to mention that while their researchers spend an inordinate amount of time looking and not finding hidden assets, we can often just pull it up.

We can do that because not only do we have access to proprietary data bases restricted to the highest professional personnel, but we have more than 50+ years of experience in pulling together information so we know how to find hidden assets and how to use the data bases to find it.

It is usually faster and more efficient to find hidden assets by making the call to us first, and, in fact, many do.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations