Asset Search Uncovers Ruse of Properties Transferred to BusinessA search to locate hidden assets is not always linked to divorce proceedings. is often asked to complete an asset investigation to find hidden assets in business situations.

Because of our professional standing and expertise, has access to data bases and changes which makes locating hidden assets efficient in both the time and cost involved.

Recently we were contacted by a lending organization and asked to see if we could be successful in finding hidden assets they suspected a borrower owned. The company had secured a judgment against the borrower relating to a foreclosure on a piece of property. The borrower was linked to two companies, both of which had been dissolved. Or, at least they had been dissolved administratively through paperwork.

The lender asked us to do two asset investigations: a personal asset search on him as well as a business investigation.

What we discovered connected both investigations. He had opened one company, waited 60 days and then transferred personal property into the company. Later he transferred the property back into his name. After the transfer, he closed the business. He repeated the process in the second business that also appeared to be closed. The idea was to change ownership to a business entity so it could not be traced.

was able to determine that neither of the businesses ever did any business, had any other assets or operations. It became apparent that the purpose of both companies was to hide personal assets from the lender relative to the foreclosure proceedings. It took a lot of planning and effort to work through the process and, in the end, didn’t do any good. The assets were uncovered and reported.

knows how to find hidden assets.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations